Download Etsy Customer Emails

Posted by Henry Wolfe on

Etsy is an excellent option for crafters to sell their products online. There are some flaws in Etsy’s system. One of the most significant flaws is the inability of Etsy vendors to download their customers’ emails. Emphasis on “their.” As a vendor, they are your customers, and you own the data.

Is this a design flaw or on purpose? Who Knows?

There have been three ways for Etsy vendors to acquire customer emails.

          1   Manually download each e-mail one at a time

          2   Manually download emails one order page at a time, i.e., 50 or less.

          3   Pay for a subscription to Marketsy, or “Mark-Etsy.”

Options 1 & 2

I had just shy of 24,000 customers when Etsy decided to close my shop. Downloading one at a time was not an option. 24,000 divided by 50 is 480. I would have had to download 480 pages of a max of 50 emails per page. I say max because Etsy lists them by products sold. If a customer orders multiple items, fewer than 50 emails will be on the Completed Order page. Ten pages a day would take 48 days. Neither of these is a good option.

Options 3

          Call me crazy, but I don’t want to pay for a service I feel I should already have. This is like an airline saying, “Hey, we will treat you like crap. But, for an extra $50, we can bump you up to our VIP program and treat you like a human being.” No Thank You!

New Option

        I have discovered a new way for Etsy vendors to acquire their customer emails. My method is faster than downloading 50 at a time and does not require a subscription service.

        I was able to download almost 24,000 emails in 90 minutes.

You do not have to install any software, and you do not have to be a technical wiz to complete the process.

          If this interests you, I can sell you the process for a one fee of $27.



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