About Me

I completed my first enlistment in 1989. I ran to my local community college in South Carolina, and I have been doing graphic arts since. Eventually, I earned a degree in graphic design. I have held various positions over the years. I have been a production artist. I have managed a graphics department. I was hired to help launch an internet-based printing company before everyone was doing it. After the company was up and running, I was retained as the sales manager. I also did numerous side projects along the way.

After the 9/11 attacks, I re-enlisted in the Army National Guard. I did two more deployments and earned a commission in 2013. Fast forward to now. I am getting ready to retire from the National Guard in January 2023. I wanted to create something fun as a side hustle to continue into retirement. Welcome to Funny Bone Graphics. I draw upon my experiences in the military and civilian life to develop original designs. We live in a divided country, but I believe we all have some common ground. I want my designs to be both funny and uplifting to everyone. I hope you find something on my site that makes you smile.

Henry Wolfe